Our Disney World Adventure

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since our Disney World trip. Grace had been talking about wanting to go to Disney World since she was old enough to know about Mickey Mouse and Cinderella. One morning when she was 5 years old, at the bus stop on her way to school.. another child talked about her plans to go to Disney for March Break. The rather mean spirited child looked smugly at Grace and told her “I bet you’ve never been to Disney World”.


Heartbroken – Grace tearfully asked me when we would finally be able to go. Being a single mom who is on a pretty tight budget, a few years would go by until we were finally able to go (and her nana and grampie with us!) Inspired by youtube, the morning of – I woke Grace up and got her ready for school. I packed her bookbag (full of “Disney world stuff” of course) while she got dressed and ate her breakfast. I asked her to check her bookbag one last time to make sure her homework was there… it wasn’t. She looked at me in anticipation as I asked her where we should go with all that Disney stuff.. she asked with hesitation “Disney?” and I told her that we were leaving in about an hour. She had no words! She hopped up and down on the couch saying “YAY! we’re going to Disney! we’re going to Disney!”.
Having never been to Disney World myself, I had heard it was a truly magical place but I guess I didn’t know just how “magical” it would be. I will never forget the memories that we made there, and I can’t wait until we can go again!

One of my favorite memories was the day that Grace got named “Hero of Fantasy Land”. Dressed in her Snow White dress, we came across what looked like a pretty funny little play. The actors were trying to get the crowds attention so we stopped to watch. Snow White Grace instantly captured their attention, the funny little man was making jokes and the lady he was with kept “shushing” him and pointing to Snow White Grace. “A Queen is in our presence! Behave!”. We then were told that there was a sword stuck in a stone! Two men were picked from the crowd to attempt to pull it out, but they were unsuccessful.  The lady then told the crowd that she believed she needed to think “smaller.” she asked the children in the crowd to jump up and down and she would pick the best jumper. Snow White Grace jumped so hard that her crown fell off. She was picked to pull the sword out – and she did it! As we were walking away she said to me proudly “Will you call daddy and tell him how strong I was?? He will never believe it!”.


Another memory I love is when Prince Charming came around while we were eating dinner one day. Knowing that boys have cooties, and ESPECIALLY Prince Charming.. Grace made a very disgruntled sound and slid under the table. Prince Charming knelt down and spoke very quietly to her. Somehow he managed to get her out from under the table… and take a picture with him! Trust me, this is a HUGE deal.
1599574_10152392326660895_3768231630678243454_o 1397066_10152392326605895_2779430010338802147_o

We spent an evening at Cinderella’s castle, if anyone is considering going to Disney World I highly recommend signing up for this! We got to meet Cinderella before the dinner, each child got their picture taken with her and they all received the photo framed in a little “Cinderella’s Castle” booklet. They also received a magic wand. During the dinner there were lots of princess’s walking around, and our favorite waiter was there! He joked with Grace and made us laugh so much we could barely eat.


The staff at Disney World were also amazing. One day Grace accidentally left her autograph book and pen at a restaurant, when we went back to retrieve it – it was gone. The staff member told us to go to the gift shop and pick out a new autograph book and pen (whichever one we liked!) on them!
I have so many more memories of Disney World that I will cherish forever, I can’t wait to make more someday!



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